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A modern showroom features a detailed architectural model of a skyscraper on a central pedestal. The room has wooden floors, exposed ceiling pipes, and large wall art depicting urban landscapes illuminated by LED backlit graphics. Several seating areas and potted plants create an inviting atmosphere.

Bright Green Technology supports lighting designers, architects and interior designers with the creative flexibility and practical experience their vision demands.  Our focus on expertise and quality ensures that the right products are specified and delivered, throughout the lifetime of a project.

Illuminating spaces

Illumination is no longer simply about lighting objects and surfaces. Today, a typical architectural project considers the whole space, how it is used and how lighting integrates with other technologies. Control, connectivity and dynamic behaviour have become critical. Bright Green Technology understands this and has developed a range of products and capabilities that help our customers control spaces – from LED lighting to connected power supplies. There are always several ways to achieve a design objective and we can help you choose the best product and control options. 

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Creating the right light


Custom diffusion methods to give better lighting uniformity


Lighting control to balance between naturally lighter and darker sections of a surface 


Choosing the best colour temperature for any given material or environment


Dynamic white, RGB or sensor responsive systems


Connectivity which is compatible with the building management software

Technical support

We will assist with the specifying process, providing technical drawings, prototypes, samples and comprehensive information. In addition, our expertise covers lighting control protocols, programming and interfaces with smart technology.

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Technical support

We will assist with the specifying process, providing technical drawingsprototypes, samples and comprehensive information.  In addition, our expertise covers lighting control protocols, programming and interfaces with smart technology.

Introducing the PRO Range

Our premium product range specifically designed for architectural lighting.

The Bright Green PRO Range helps you to specify a consistent and premium range of architectural lighting.  Performance is consistent across all the products and represents state of the art LED technology – at a quality level that is hard to find elsewhere. 

The quality of the PRO Range is defined by its very high CRI, minimum R9 value, extended warranty and advanced performance features.  The colour temperature range is also notable, with a very wide band from 2200 to 6500K. 

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Case Study

The Igloo Bar – London

Bright Green LED Light Panel

Case Study

Illuminated ceiling – Middle East

Bright Green LED Light Panel, PRO Range Control & Power


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Illuminating spaces

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