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The Bright Green Technology illuminated ceiling range guarantees premium performance for stretch ceilings in architectural or retail environments. With our extensive experience and partnerships with ceiling specialists, we can help you specify the complete system– including the frame, stretch material and LED lighting. Illuminated ceiling projects are often highly collaborative and we have the existing network to ensure that every project is a success.

Within the Bright Green Group, our sister company Bright Green Space delivers complete Barrisol stretch material projects.

Illuminated stretch ceilings are always a dramatic, impactful and memorable feature in architectural or retail locations.

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Specialists in illuminated ceilings


DALI, DMX, 0-10V and more


Circadian or custom colour variation


Customised to order

The Bright Green Technology LED range for illuminated ceilings extends across all types. We work with diffuse, single colour installs right through to complex, programmable tuneable white or RGBW projects. Our engineering team can program the lighting, commission the system on site and provide remote back-up throughout the project lifetime.

From technical drawings ..

.. to final install

The following products are all available in the Illuminated ceiling range


A modular tile system for backlighting ceilings that require high brightness at restricted depth. The tuneable white version has 2 LED channels and can be controlled by DALI/DMX and other protocols

• Suitable for depths >75mm
• V0 fire rated

Light Panel

LED light panels are custom manufactured acrylic light sheets with LEDs illuminating from the edge. Ceiling options include RGBW, tuneable white and single colour. Control is by DALI/DMX and other protocols

• Available in multiple frame configurations
• Bright, even illumination across the panel
• Fully customisable


A range of LED drivers and lighting control hardware, including DALI/DMX and other protocols.

PRO Range Rack controller


Control hardware to improve performance and simplify installation.

What are the options for a LED illuminated stretch ceiling?

Illuminated ceilings are specified based on the operating environment and the intended visual impact.

Operating environment

In indoor, ambient temperature locations, the illumination components are generally standard items such as LED Light Sheet Panel or Bright Green Grid. These are powered by terminal-based LED drivers or a rack mount system. Where the conditions are more severe, such as in external installs or high humidity environments such as swimming pools, the components must be more resilient. These conditions require IP rated LED lighting, such as Bright Green Modules or Bright Green Grid and IP rated LED drivers. The control gear can be housed remotely in a protected cabinet. In both cases, the stretch ceiling can be single or double skinned. A double skin serves as an additional vapour seal and protects the visible skin from accumulating debris over the project lifetime.

Visual impact

Bright Green Technology has LED systems for every type of illuminated ceiling, whether the intention is to create a subtle or dynamic impact. Single colour ceilings are always dimmable so that the illumination level can be varied by the user. Tuneable white systems can be connected to sophisticated control systems to vary the colour temperature with time or follow a Circadian rhythm. RGBW lighting is fully programmable to deliver amazing effects and is ideal for retail environments that want to create a talking point or crowd attraction.

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Bright Green Technology designs and develops LED lighting schemes and LED products. There are always several ways to achieve a design objective and we can help you choose the best product and control options.