Bright Green Dynamic White LED Lighting Systems

Colour Temperature Adjustable LED Lighting Systems

  • Dynamic colour temperature changing from cool to warm
  • Colour temperature range – 2700-6500K
  • Available on LED Light Panel, Rigid PCB and flexi-tape
  • Dim on the specified colour temperature

Dynamic White LED lighting systems, also known as tuneable white or Kelvin changing, allow full, dynamic control of white LED lighting systems.

Architects and designers choose Dynamic White lighting for creative impact, time based effects and to enhance well-being by following a natural circadian rhythm.

  • Dynamic White LED Light Panel and Linear Lighting

    Dynamic White products available:

    • Bright Green LED Light Panel
    • Bright Green Grid
    • Linear LED lighting
    • Controls and timers
  • Control

    Dynamic White systems are controlled with simple touch wheel remote controls or with more sophisticated network enabled DALI/DMX devices.

  • Applications for Dynamic White

    Read the brochure to find out how Dynamic White can be used to:

    • Increase the effectiveness of a retail display
    • Tune light in response to the way a space or area is used
    • Affect human mood and performance