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Dynamic White LED lighting systems – also known as tuneable white – allow full, dynamic control of LED lighting systems.

Architects and designers choose Dynamic White lighting for creative impact, time-based effects and to enhance well-being by following a natural circadian rhythm.

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Colour Temperature Adjustable LED Lighting has:


1⁄4 LED bin specification


DALI, DMX, 0-10V and more


2200K – 6500K


Circadian or custom colour variation

Dynamic White allows continuous colour temperature adjustment to suit a particular environment, task or mood – all adjusted remotely with the minimum of complexity. Lighting systems can be controlled with either a simple touch wheel remote control, or more sophisticated DALI / DMX devices with Bluetooth or WiFi.

Dynamic retail displays

Colour temperature chart

The following products are all available in the Dynamic White range


A modular tile system for backlighting
areas that require high brightness at
restricted depth

• Suitable for depths >40mm
• V0 fire rated
• On site adjustable

Light Panel

Slim illumination for architectural and retail features. LED light panels are custom manufactured acrylic light sheets with LEDs illuminating from the edge. The tuneable white version has 2 LED channels and can be controlled by DALI/DMX and other protocols

• Available in multiple frame configurations
• Bright, even illumination across the panel
• Fully customisable


Professional quality LED tape, customised rigid PCB and aluminium profiles in multiple brightness, voltage, colour and design options – including fully controllable dynamic white.


A modular, linear LED system for backlighting advertising panels, billboards, archtiectural features and displays.

What is tuneable white lighting?

Tuneable white lighting technology is defined as the ability to control a light source’s colour temperature output. It is also referred to as variable white, dim to white, hybrid white, or custom temperature lighting.  Dynamic white lighting can have a powerful effect on human behaviour. Studies suggest that the human brain responds strongly to colour temperature – particularly the amount of blue wavelengths present in the lighting environment.

This is related to the Circadian rhythm of sunlight and is a natural human response. Generally, lighting with a high blue content makes us more alert and lighting with a low blue content makes us more calm. Retailers, lighting designers and building operators can use this impact to optimise their lighting systems and create the best ambience for their customers. This is often referred to as Human Centric lighting.

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