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Our Values & Corporate Social Responsibility

Our values

Technical ExpertiseTechnical Expertise

Our team is trained to give our customers straightforward,
valuable advice. We aim to win
their trust for our outstanding
product quality, deep product
knowledge and customer support.


We are practical, hands-on people
who understand both state-of-the
art lighting technology and the
realities of your business.
Engineering is always our focus and
we innovate with you in mind.


We only work in markets and with
products that we truly understand.
We work in the most iconic
locations, all around the world, for
the largest companies.


We will always be honest with
you – even if it’s difficult or
expensive for us.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A message from the CEO

“The term Bright Green, coined in 2003 by writer Alex Steffen, refers to the fast-growing new wing of environmentalism, distinct from traditional forms. Bright green environmentalism aims to provide prosperity in an ecologically sustainable way through the use of new technologies and improved design.”

I couldn’t put this any better. I founded Bright Green Technology certain that LED
lighting has a major role to play in reducing energy use and carbon emissions. It’s a
fantastic example of how technical innovation can improve lives and generate wealth
whilst simultaneously reduce our impact on the planet. For someone interested in
engineering, innovation and sustainability there couldn’t be a better job.

Andy Clark CEO & Founder

Protecting our environment

We recognise the need to protect the natural environment. The Bright Green Team analyses and reduces the environmental impact of all aspects of our business; including travel, waste generation, recycling and resource usage.

Our business integrity

We always conduct business with the utmost integrity. Our company respects the law and honours its internal policies. We ensure that all our business operations are legitimate and keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent. 

Safeguarding our people

We take any risks associated with the health and safety of our employees, customers and community extremely seriously. We provide a fair and supportive environment that actively supports diversity and inclusion.