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By ensuring that our product ranges always incorporate the latest generation LED technology, we ensure maximum performance and reliability. We are always ready to customise our products and work alongside our customers to develop the next generation of products.

Our Products

Bright Green Grid

A flexible LED system for backlighting areas that require high brightness at restricted depth.

Bright Green Light Box

A slim, LED Lightbox, available in from 20-100mm thick, custom manufactured in the UK.

Bright Green LED Light Panel

An ultra-thin, versatile and energy efficient acrylic sheet, providing consistently bright, uniform illumination.

Bright Green Linear

Versatile, linear LED systems including flexi tape, rigid PCBs and aluminium extrusions.

Bright Green Matrix

A modular, linear LED system for backlighting advertising panels, billboards, signage and displays.

Bright Green Beam

A modular LED edge lighting system, ideal for wayfinding systems, projecting signs and lightboxes.

Lighting Control

LED lighting controls to simplify installation, increase efficiency and maximise creativity.


LED drivers, with power capability from 6-400W in constant current and constant voltage mode. Control options include DALI2, DMX, Casambi and other proprietary protocols.

Bright Green LiveSite

Digital connectivity for OOH sites via smart devices to increase security and monitoring capability.