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Manufacturing & Assembly

Bright Green Technology volume production is based on an outsourced model.  We work with approved partners in the UK and overseas.   Our internal manufacturing capability is of the highest quality and designed to support special projects and urgent needs.  We ensure that anything we manufacture is absolutely right and compliant with our ISO9001 managerment system.

Our inhouse capability includes:

  • Colour, CRI and flicker testing
  • PAT testing
  • Assemblies of individual products and entire lighting systems
  • Complex cable builds
  • RGBW DMX addressing for architectural lighting
  • Innovation and proof of concept
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Engineering is at the heart of what we do

Sophisticated testing capability

We have a comprehensive range of test equipment on site.  There is a sensitive colour meter to check PCB consistency and highly accurate spectrometers to develop light sources, test new products and for QC. To test LED drivers and control gear, we use electronic loads and electrical test meters and we offer PAT testing as a final assembly service.

Complex assemblies

Our capability is broad, we can work on individual products, assemblies or an entire system – plug and play.  Having our design team, development engineers and assembly in the UK allows us to deliver improved lead times and a more flexible service.

Complex cable builds are generally manufactured in-house.  Pre-assembling cables and connections saves expensive on-site time and is an opportunity to test the system before shipping.

Pre-programmed lighting control

For RGB or Dynamic White projects we assign DMX addresses to our architectural lighting range to make commissioning more straightforward.  This is a major benefit for projects in busy environments such as our work in Dubai Airport.

Efficient manufacuring

For certain products, our manufacturing service can be faster, more accurate and often more cost-effective than overseas production.  We manufacture premium LED light boxes in-house which are often very large or feature tuneable white or RGB lighting.  We can control the quality and ensure that the lighting system is fully functional before shipping.

We can also work quickly.  On a recent project for a Kuwait retailer, we built several complex power cabinets, pre-set hundreds of DMX addresses and commissioned the control system in just a few days.

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Bright Green Technology also offers digital services, assembly and project delivery.

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Backlit glass with tuneable white LEDs

Landmark Hotel Project

View Landmark Hotel project

Landmark Hotel Project

View Landmark Hotel project
Backlit glass with tuneable white LEDs