Illuminated ceiling for Edinburgh Tattu

Working with lighting specialists, The Light Corporation, Bright Green Technology supplied an innovative ceiling light system to be the focal point in the new restaurant Edinburgh Tattu. The custom illuminated ceiling plays a major role in setting the ambience of this spectacular restaurant.

Initially Bright Green Grid was specified, however the ceiling depth was significantly reduced by constructional changes. Using LED Light Panel allowed diffuse lighting, despite the limited space available.

The PRO Range premium product was selected by the client in order to upgrade the quality. Its highly suited to architectural features where high CRI and consistent colour temperatures are required. The PRO Range Light Panel has a wide colour temperature range and is available down to 2200K. High CRI and R9 enrich the red colours essential for the design of the ceiling light.

We supplied 8 PRO Range panels in total, lit on all 4 edges in order to maximise brightness and ensure the consistency of light. To complete this all PRO Range project, our sister company, Bright Green Connect, supplied us with DMX dimmable drivers to ensure reliable lighting control.