Corporate training room

LED system for stunning backlit wall art

When Neal Display were tasked to install backlit wall art in a training room at a large corporate headquarters they were recommended to Bright Green.

When considering what lighting to put in this large architectural feature Neal Display were aware that, if it gave off too much heat, it would make the room stuffy. Also the training room was used regularly so maintenance was also an issue, the company didn’t want to have downtime of this valuable space and out of hours maintenance can be costly. These two factors ruled out fluorescent tubes and made LEDs an obvious choice for lighting.

The display was designed to cover each of the four walls in the large training room, totalling 20 metres around the room and 3 metres tall. The wall was constructed of four horizontal sections, the bottom two and top section were made of gloss Foamex and the other section LED backlighting behind printed acrylic. The result was a stunning landscape that created a mirage effect when the lights were dimmed.