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How to use LED Lighting Systems for outdoor advertising sites

Advertisers and media owners need to be ever more innovative to engage with audiences, they must make their media work harder. That’s why outdoor advertising is always evolving. This video shows Forrest Media’s latest and possibly most exciting advertising site to date. Launched on March 24th 2014, the “Xpressway” represents the fusion of new technology, sustainability and experiential outdoor advertising.

The site is backlit with a state of the art LED system from Bright Green Technology. A market leader in LED technology, Bright Green Technology has worked with leading advertising contractors to supply LED backlighting that marries quality, sustainability and a strong business case.

Bright Green Matrix was specified for the Xpressway project for its ease of installation, quality of display and leading cost efficiency. Even allowing for capital investment, the payback is as little as 12 months from installation.

In addition to the backlit advertising faces, the tower structure and landscaping is illuminated with controllable RGB illumination that can be creatively programmed to reflect and reinforce the media impact.

The perimeter features Bright Green Technology’s LED ‘HALO’ lighting, an RGB LED lighting system that is a flexible, vibrant alternative to glass neon. This perimeter lighting offers bright, even illumination that can be set to any colour to suit the advertiser’s campaign.

The stand-out feature of the site is the illumination of the tower itself, using DMX programmable RGB LED modules. The client can control everything remotely, with 16 million colours and infinite effects on hand.

Finally, strategically placed RGB LED lighting brings the stunning surrounding landscaping to life, again to suit the colour scheme of the client’s campaign. The gives a magnificent sense of ownership to any brand utilising the location and gives any advertiser the potential to dominate this busy stretch of road in Glasgow.

The combination of these LED technologies creates what is effectively a bespoke site for the advertiser. Whatever the message, the “Xpressway” is an outstanding, creative and sustainable way to deliver it.