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Bright Green Retail PCB – Versatile, linear LED systems including flexi tape, rigid PCBs and aluminium extrusions – together with a full assembly service Our retail LED lighting range has been revitalised – better products, engineering expertise and more competitive pricing We’ve invested in our engineering team, our training and our technical resources to increase the […]

Bright Green Group has launched Bright Green Connect.  Bright Green Connect is a power connectivity company, working with customers to develop the next generation of power supplies, intelligent LED drivers and connected products.  There is a comprehensive stock, a highly skilled team and a range of industry leading innovations. As a sister company to Bright […]

Dynamic White Light Box

Bright Green Technology has produced it’s biggest dynamic white light box to date.  The huge 2.4 x 2.4 meter fabric face box is back illuminated by Bright Green Grid and features controlled white colour temperature between 2700 and 6500K.  The boxes are installed in a mixed use space – the dynamic lighting effect is used […]

Bright Green Technology has joined SDEA – an association of more than 150 specialist retail suppliers. As well as offering a wide range of services to its members, SDEA serves the whole retail industry in its search for innovative retail display equipment through reputable suppliers.

When your clients’ displays are on every high street, refreshing store interiors is a major undertaking. It’s critical to achieve colour consistency, meet power requirements and comply with fire regulations, as well as making sure the displays are robust and straight-forward to install. This guide illustrates how we can help illuminate your clients’ retail projects, […]

Customised lighting & control for retail displays delivered quickly, accurately and reliably, find out more in our Retail Infographic

The Bright Green Grid range has expanded to include IP rated, Dynamic White and high CRI options, as well as the standard panels.  Bright Green Grid is specifically designed to illuminate areas that require a high level of brightness but with a restricted depth.  All varients are flame retardant and the new product development increases the range […]

The Bright Green LED tape range has been expanded to include LED S-Tape. This is a flexible, bendable LED strip, designed to backlight channel letters and architectural features where flexibility in both planes is required. The tape is currently available in cool white, with the LEDs having strict bin control for consistent colour temperature. The tape uses high […]

Bright Green Technology, has further developed its Enhanced Illumination range to include lighting control software from amBX.  Enhanced Illumination brings dynamic lighting to media sites, increasing impact and setting them apart from their surroundings. Software from amBX delivers high performance lighting control without the need for programming or a complex interface. Digital content is interpreted […]