Backlit Advertising, Dubai Airport

2019 Project

Following on from our last project in 2017, Bright Green Technology were tasked with backlit illumination of one of the largest advertising sites in Dubai Airport.


The light box was 3,994mm by 26,991mm and 100mm in depth. Bright Green Grid was specified in order to match the consistency of colour throughout the terminal.


Due to the size of the panel a large number of LED’s were required.   A heat calculation check measuring the distribution of heat across the light box ensured fire standards were met.


2017 Project

Outdoor advertising group, JCDecaux specified Bright Green Grid for the new project to backlit advertising at Dubai Airport.  This encompassed Concourse B, D and Terminal 3.


Bright Green Grid is a modular LED system for backlighting very slim panels.  It can illuminate boxes as slim as 40mm deep, is low energy, zero maintenance and fire retardant and is therefore ideal for airport environments.  Strict LED binning and colour control ensures consistency from box to box and terminal to terminal.