Bright Green Beam

Bright Green Beam™ – LED edge lighting system for signs and lightboxes

Bright Green Beam is a modular LED edge lighting system, ideal for projecting signs and lightboxes

  • Lensed LEDs ensure even illumination
  • Modular range allows design flexibility
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Zero planned maintenance required

Bright Green Beam™ is ideal for retrofits and new builds of light boxes and projecting signs in small and medium size formats. The specially designed, lensed LEDs direct the light into a controlled pattern and ensure bright, even illumination across the lit surface.

Bright Green Beam™ uses LED specified and optimised for close binning, high lumen efficiency and lumen maintenance.

  • 5 year warranty
  • CE
  • Beam™ for projecting signs

    It takes only 2 Bright Green Beam modules to do the same job as 10 regular LED sign modules, making your signs more efficient and easier to install

    • Better illumination
    • Faster installation
    • Maximum efficiency
  • Beam™ for lightboxes

    Bright Green Beam™ is ideal for illuminating single and double sided light boxes with depths greater than 50mm. Available in constant current, constant voltage and IP rated options, Bright Green Beam is fast to install, easy to use and ensures diffuse, reliable illumination.

  • Easy installation

    • Supplied in strings connected with flexible cables
    • Can be cut at the cable join between each module
    • Pre-drilled holes makes mounting easy