Stogger Wireless Lighting

The Stogger wireless lighting system redefines sign lighting

A revolution in LED lighting for channel letters, LED lightboxes and LED signage, wireless lighting eliminates the costs and complexity of standard modules.  Using the system, sign makers can dramatically increase productivity by simplifying design and automating assembly.

Bright Green Technology is the exclusive distributor of this technology in the UK and Ireland.

Benefits of the wireless lighting system:

  • Provides bright, diffuse lighting down to 60mm depth
  • Reduces assembly time by up to 85%
  • Eliminates cables and connectors
  • Does not require adhesive tape or glueing
  • Easy layout planning and trialling
  • High level of automation possible for large volumes
  • Very high efficiency due to the 48V operating voltage

Stogger wireless lighting modules feature advanced custom lenses to distribute light from the LEDs, a 100 degree square profile and a 172 degree circular profile.  The circular profile is optimised for shallow channel letters with outstanding lighting performance that meets or exceeds conventional sign modules.

The system is suitable for large and small areas and for internal or external use.

The Stogger system is a comprehensive range of wireless LED modules, a custom power distribution board and accessories.

  • Quantum Flex module

    The Stogger Quantum Flex is powered wirelessly through the PowerBoard.

    • Screwable wireless LED module
    • Beam angle options of 100/172 degrees
    • Cutting edge 48V high voltage, low current LED
    • Industry leading efficiency >95%
    • Ultra-high light output up to 147 lm/W
  • PowerBoard

    PowerBoard consists of 5 layers: 3 conductive aluminium layers separated by a recycled PET insulating board. The aluminium layers conduct the 48Vdc current.

    The Quantum Flex LED modules can be mounted on both sides of the PowerBoard, allowing single or double side operation.

    The excellent heat sinking of the aluminium layers dissipates heat and extends LED lifetime

  • PowerIn Flex

    A PowerIN connector connects the PowerBoard to a 48Vdc power source. The maximum current rating of each PowerIN Flex module is 2A, corresponding to a maximum of 100 Quantum LED modules. Multiple PowerIN connectors can be placed onto the PowerBoard, allowing an unlimited number of modules.

  • The Stogger SignFuse is an 48V, 8 channel interface, placed between the power supply and the sign. It ensures a reliable, safe, easy and fast connection. The SignFuse has a resettable fuse and is rated for 100 modules per channel.