Bright Green Outdoor Advertising Kits

Bright Green Outdoor Advertising Kits – LED lighting kits for all types of large format advertising

Bright Green Outdoor Advertising Kits are available for a range of standard formats including 48 and 96 sheets, Mega 48s, Euro sizes.

  • Complete kit of LEDs, power supplies, install system and accessories
  • Diffuse illumination with no striping
  • Maximum reliability and cost efficiency
  • Makes installation quicker and safer

Bright Green Outdoor Advertising Kits have been installed in a range of sites, from small format sizes right up to the Clapham Colossus – Europe’s largest backlit billboard at 61 metres wide.

  • Installation kits

    Kits include:

    • LED Lighting
    • Installation rails
    • Brackets
    • Power Supplies
    • Cables
    • Accessories
    • Control system if required
  • Faster, safer installation

    OOH advertising sites are often at height, accessible only at night or just awkward to work on. That creates a hazardous environment where safety and speed of installation really count.  The install kit makes fitting the Bright Green Matrix LED system fast, safe and reliable, minimising measuring, reducing work at height and minimising future maintenance.

  • Installing the system

    The Bright Green Technology engineering team will review each site, taking into account the size and depth of each box. A technical drawing is then issued to show exactly how the system should be installed: spacing, layout and electrical wiring. This design stage is crucial to ensure that the billboards meet the required brightness and the illumination is even across the entire face of the graphic.