Colour Temperature Adjustable Dynamic White LED Light Sheet Panel

Dynamic White LED Light Panel is a colour temperature adjustable LED Lighting system which allows continuous adjustment to suit a particular environment, task or mood.

Our Dynamic White LED systems are controlled remotely with either a simple colour wheel touch remote control or programmable DALI/DMX devices with Bluetooth or Wi-FI.

  • Flexibility for Offices and Receptions

    Dynamic White LED Lighting can dramatically alter the entire feel of a space. As the colour temperature changes, spaces are enhanced for working, relaxing or meeting.

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  • Enhance Retail Displays

    The colour of light in a retail environment has a significant influence on customers’ perceptions of quality. The infinitely tunable nature of Dynamic White allows merchandising designers to create more appealing retail displays.

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  • Dynamic Architectural Applications

    Tuneable LED systems can change the feel of a room from a relaxing warm to a refreshing cool, subtly but effectively managing the desired mood. A hotel lobby, for example, can be lit with cool light when welcoming conference visitors in the morning, then ‘warmed up’ for an evening reception.

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