Bright Green LED Light Panel

Bright Green LED Light Panel™

Extremely thin LED light sheet system ideal for slim displays

LED Light Panel is a versatile, efficient, extremely slim lighting system that is easily fitted into existing lighting schemes, including curved light boxes and custom shapes.

With a profile as slim as 3mm thick, LED Light Panel delivers bright, even illumination suitable for edge lighting or backlighting retail displays, signage and architectural features.

Our LED Light Panel has been continuously improved, offering superior quality and exceptional value.

9 ways our engineering team has improved LED Light Panel

Dynamic white Dynamic white range extended to 2700 - 6500K
CRI CRI of all panels increased to 80+
RGB + White RGB + W introduced, using CREE and LG chips
Efficiency Latest generation LG LED chips reduce power by 25%
Strain Relief Custom designed strain relief to prevent cable damage
Controls Extended range of interactive controls including DMX, DALI and touch sensitive switches
Customisation More options included, such as LSZH cable, specified connectors and built-in diffusers
Illumination quality Improved v-cutting algorithms ensure every panel is optimised for light distribution
Warranty All panels now warranted for 5 years - when combined with Bright Green Connect drivers

Our Services

We customise every panel to the specification of your project to ensure perfect illumination.


Our prototyping service allows you to make sure that our systems are fit for purpose and visualise how the final solution will look and work.

This is an important stage for all large scale rollouts or projects as it allows us to explore ideas and exchange feedback.


We know that one size doesn’t always fit all, that’s why our engineers take the time to understand the requirements of every project.

We work to ensure that the system we deliver is fully fit for purpose- cutting, soldering, adding connectors of custom power assemblies. Our technical team will send a CAD drawing to be checked before the order is placed or alternatively we can supply the entire system

We’re trusted by lighting design studios, retail, hospitality and museum design teams, interior designers and architects worldwide to deliver exactly what they need, on time and on budget. We offer competitive pricing, a highly responsive service and excellent customer satisfaction ratings.