Bright Green LED RGB lighting systems

Bright Green RGB lighting is a package of luminaires, control products and design expertise

  • Range of RGB luminaires, controls and intelligent power supplies
  • In house expertise in RGB lighting design, planning, commissioning and programming
  • Available for LED Light Panel, Bright Green Grid, Linear LED and LED Lightbox. Custom RGB products also available

With a versatile range of LED RGB lighting systems and experience in planning complex installs and projects, Bright Green Technology offers a unique combination of reliable product, creative input and specialist knowledge

  • RGB LED Drivers

    All Bright Green Technology RGB lighting systems are compatible with the Bright Green Connect power supply and LED driver range.  The range includes dimmers, wireless/Bluetooth compatible devices and DALI/DMX controllers. Our technical team will advise on the most suitable option for your project.

  • OEM Projects

    For large volume orders, our UK-based assembly team manufactures custom RGB products to meet your requirements.  We can also help develop control systems, hardware schedules and software specifications

  • Illumination Plus

    Our Illumination Plus systems add additional creative lighting effects to classic and digital OOH advertising screens. Media owners can offer even more impactful and interactive displays – at the same time as increasing the architectural value of the site to the community.

    Bright Green Technology engineers are experienced in pre-build lighting design, illumination renders, programming and on-site commissioning.