Bright Green LED Lightbox – Aluminium profiles for tension fabric graphics

Bright Green LED Lightboxes are available in a range of depths, each fitted with the optimum LED systems for the profile.  They are designed for tension fabric graphics

  • Depths from 20mm to 150mm (25mm and 35mm from stock profile)
  • Single or double sided
  • Tensioned, fabric graphics with edge to edge illumination
  • Ideal for frequent graphic change with minimum disruption.

This style of LED lightbox is ideal for environments where graphics are changed frequently amd minimises disruption.

  • LED lighting for lightboxes

    • Bright Green LED Light Panel – for very slim lightboxes with depths from 20 – 60mm
    • Bright Green Beam – for mid-sized and double sided light boxes with depths greater than 60mm
    • Bright Green Wide – for large lightboxes that have depths greater than 80mm
    • Bright Green Matrix – for very large lightboxes with depths greater than 120mm
    • Bright Green Grid – for slim lightboxes of any size with depth from 40 – 80mm
  • Bright Green Stretch Fabric Graphics

    Bright Green LED Lightboxes are available with stretch fabric graphics. Printed on fine-grade, lightweight polyester, the graphics are high resolution, crease free, sustainable and easy to install.