Bright Green LED Lightbox

A slim, LED Lightbox, available down to 20mm thickness, custom manufactured in the UK

What is an LED Lightbox?

An LED lightbox is built from aluminium profiles and designed for tension fabric or polyester graphics.  Available in a range of depths, each lightbox is fitted with LED technology optimised for the lightbox profile.

Bright Green LED Lightbox delivers consistent, bright, even illumination for retail, heritage and architectural applications.  There is a a range of depths from super-slim 20mm to robust 150mm, each fitted with the optimum LED system.

As well as their uniform illumination and sleek appearance, LED textile lightboxes are ideal for frequent graphics changes.  This means that refreshing of displays is quick and easy, with no special equipment needed.  The fine-grade polyester prints are high-resolution, crease free and simple to pack and ship.

Box depths up to 35mm are illuminated with LED light sheet panel and up to 65mm with Bright Green Grid.  Deeper boxes use other LED systems, depending on the depth and desired brightness.  The 45mm profile is also available in double-sided format.

As well as LED backlit graphics, the lightboxes can include creative lighting effects such as RGB colour changing and dynamic white .  Dynamic white is particularly effective for architectural features such as illuminated ceilings and printed graphic walls, especially when set to follow a circadian pattern.

Bright Green Technology also provides control hardware and a programming service to set up human centric, programmed or sensor controlled lighting.

These lightboxes are available up to a standard maximum size of 2.4 x 1.2 metres.  There is no size limit when custom manufactured using Bright Green Grid.  LED lightboxes feature an aluminium profile, silver anodised as standard or painted in a specific RAL colour.

Bright Green LED Lightboxes have a 5 year warranty when paired with a LED driver from sister company Bright Green Connect.

  • LED lighting for lightboxes

    • Bright Green LED Light Panel – for very slim lightboxes with depths from 20 – 35mm
    • Bright Green Beam – for mid-sized and double sided light boxes with depths greater than 60mm
    • Bright Green Wide – for large lightboxes that have depths greater than 80mm
    • Bright Green Matrix – for very large lightboxes with depths greater than 120mm
    • Bright Green Grid – for slim lightboxes of any size with depth up to 65mm
  • Bright Green Stretch Fabric Graphics

    Bright Green LED Lightboxes are available with stretch fabric graphics. Printed on fine-grade, lightweight polyester, the graphics are high resolution, crease free, sustainable and easy to install.