LED lighting control

Bright Green Control – LED control systems

Bright Green LED control systems can be integrated and retrofitted across our range, from simple stand-alone dimming to custom DALI and DMX systems.

We can supply LED systems that allow:

  • Remote access
  • DALI and custom fault reporting
  • Integration with Gooee and Casambi protocols
  • Colour changing – RGB and Dynamic White
  • Dimming – 0-10V, DALI and DMX
  • Timer operation
  • Integration of switches and sensors
  • State of the art architectural lighting control

    Large-scale architectural projects are made dynamic by lighting. We supply the lighting, the control system and the expertise.

    Control system design – using DALI or DMX enabled products with options for pre-install software simulation.

    Commissioning and programming – design, rendering, programming, commissioning and maintenance

  • Interactive Control Systems

    In retail, exhibitions and the heritage sector, engagement is critical.  Interactive displays enhance the customer experience and help people learn and understand.

    We’ve helped clients in all these sectors to create lighting controls and experiences.

  • Integration with Building Management Systems

    Many of our clients need LED lighting systems that integrate with their existing management systems.  Our connectivity allows us to interface with all established protocols – such as Gooee and Casambi.

  • Control protocols and colour changing systems

    The Bright Green LED dimmer range includes push button, potentiometer and voltage controlled options. The dimmers can also be specified as IP67 (outdoor), high power capacity and/or extended temperature range.

    Our range of RGB LED controllers includes wireless/Bluetooth compatible remotes, single and multichannel controllers, DALI and DMX.