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News Dynamic White

The most notable recent example is Dynamic White, a significant evolution of the LED Light Panel that allows compete control of the light temperature and hence the mood of the space, so one installation delivers several solutions at once. Constant Innovation Related upgrades include a new heat sink – deeper and wider to improve thermal […]

New - Bright Green Beam

Bright Green Beam is the optimum system for illuminating projecting signs and ideal for edge lighting light boxes. The new system is a development of the existing Bright Green Beam edge lighting system and now comes as a fully encapsulated, IP65 rated module, making it more robust and suitable for outdoor use. This new LED […]

Compared to 12 months ago, payback time for a retrofit backlit billboard has reduced from 14 months to 12 months. By ensuring that our LED outdoor display products always incorporate the latest generation of LED technology, we can maximise performance and minimise the payback time of the investment. Our LED systems are now more energy […]

Get bright, even illumination and eliminate striping in boxes with less than 120mm depth with the new wide angle module – available now. These wide angle LED modules have been specifically developed for boxes with less than 120mm depth available, making them ideal for slim billboards and large, shallow light boxes. Bright Green Matrix is […]

Bright Green light boxes are aluminium profiles for front loading tension fabric graphics and are available in custom sizes and depths from 35 – 150 mm. Our experience in LED systems allow us to deliver light boxes that are optimised to meet your specific requirements. So whether you need the brightest, the most economical, or […]

Bright Green LED Light Panel

We’ve launched a brand new LED Light Panel that features increased lumen output, making the panel up to 41% brighter than its predecessor, without any additional energy consumption. Terry Cattle, Head of Product at Bright Green Technology commented: “We’re constantly working to improve the quality and efficiency of our products and take advantage of the […]