Author: Chris Townsend

FEPE Congress Dubai 2019

We’ll be at the FEPE International Dubai Congress on May 1st -3rd. This will be the 60th annual congress and the first time in the UAE region, we’re sure this truly global destination will be a great location to celebrate the 60th anniversary. The theme for this year’s event is “The Fame Game” and here’s […]

wayfiniding signage

Effective and efficient illumination is a key consideration for wayfinding signage. Illuminated wayfinding signs are commonly used in large-scale venues such as airports and transport hubs, where signage needs to be clear and highly visible. Replacing existing fluorescent tube lights with LEDs significantly enhances the appearance and quality of light and reduces maintenance time, as […]

When your clients’ displays are on every high street, refreshing store interiors is a major undertaking. It’s critical to achieve colour consistency, meet power requirements and comply with fire regulations, as well as making sure the displays are robust and straight-forward to install. This guide illustrates how we can help illuminate your clients’ retail projects, […]

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