• Bright Green TV:

    The IMAX just got even more impactful with the help of Bright Green RGB and control systems

  • Bright Green TV:

    Outdoor advertising is always evolving. See our innovative LED lighting systems that can be used to enhance outdoor media.

  • Bright Green TV:

    Our work in the OOH industry.

  • Infographic:

    We have worked with Outdoor Media owners since 2007

  • Case Study:

    RGB LED Light Panels used to illuminate Igloo bar

  • Product Guide

    Our new guide to Illuminating Surfaces

Product and installation guides

Business cases

  • Airport Advertising

    Bright Green Technology backlighting for airport advertising.

  • LED Lighting for Retail Displays

    Bright Green Technology LED lighting for shop-fitters and POP manufacturers.

  • LED Light Box

    Bright Green LED Lightbox for retail environments.

  • Financial Case Bulletin

    Read more about our upgraded LED backlighting system – now even more energy efficient.

  • 6 years on

    Early Bright Green Technology large format LED installs are now over 6 years old.

  • Outdoor Advertising – 6 Sheets

    The 6 sheet is the world’s dominant outdoor medium. Great locations, ideal size and, of course, illuminated. There’s a Bright Green kit for every format – static, double sided and scroller.

  • Outdoor Advertising – Large Format

    Backlit sites are the premium option for large format displays, creating maximum impact and quality. The Bright Green Technology kit includes LEDs, power supplies and a quick install system.

  • Outdoor Advertising – Transport Hubs

    We’ve developed LED systems to illuminate almost any depth of box, from super slim to conventional large format installations.

  • Outdoor Advertising – 8 and 12 square metre sites

    Single and double sided sites set the standard for urban advertising across Europe. Bright Green Technology has
    developed kits for both panel sizes in all formats.

  • Illuminating Surfaces Guide

    A short guide on selecting the right LED lighting to backlight surfaces

Case Studies

  • Alma Quattro

    See our LED backlighting system used to illuminate one hundred 4x3 metre static and scrolling billboards.

  • Dubai Airport

    Dubai Airport has specified Bright Green Beam™ for new and refurbished signage throughout the airport.

  • Forrest Media

    We provided LED lighting systems to illuminate 151 of Forrest Media’s outdoor advertising sites.

  • Kuala Lumpar Airport

    We provided LED lighting systems to illuminate over 700 wayfinding signs at Kuala Lumpur Airport.

  • M&S

    900 M&S light-boxes illuminated with our LED edge lighting system - Bright Green Beam.

  • Outdoor Plus

    See how we improved illumination at 75 Outdoor Plus key advertising sites.

  • IMAX, Waterloo

    The IMAX Waterloo, operated by Ocean Outdoor on behalf of the British Film Institute, is the largest advertising canvas in Europe.

  • Igloo Bar

    See our RGB LED Light Panels used to illuminate a brand new ice bar