Bright Green Control

Bright Green Control – A range of control options for LED systems

Bright Green Control offers everything from simple dimming to Dali and DMX systems

  • Save energy by adding smart controls or dimming
  • Enhance security with PIR controls
  • Transform environments with creative lighting effects
  • Integrate with existing building lighting systems

Bright Green Control encompasses a range of control systems including dimmers, wireless/Bluetooth compatible devices and DALI/DMX controllers.

  • Dimming

    Bright Green LED dimmer range includes:

    • Push button
    • Potentiometer
    • RF controlled
    • Voltage controlled

    The dimmers can also be specified as IP67 (outdoor), high power capacity and/or extended temperature range.

  • DMX

    A range of systems and programming options for media, architectural and heritage lighting.

    • RGB control and colour change
    • Remote programming and access
    • Lighting design and pre-install simulation